At Chez Gabriela we offer some of the most advanced technology in facial treatment today.

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Chez Gabriela's body treatments are truly unique in their form.

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Chez Gabriela has over 30 years of experience working with luxury products you wont just find in stores.

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Why Choose Chez Gabriela?

With over 30 years of professional skin care experience developing and researching, working with the best of the best products, technology, and chemists around the world. Chez Gabriela has perfected and elevated the art of the skin. Gabriela has and still serves the most demanding and the most elite clientele around the world.

Her method is a true "Stile di Vita", it aims to preserve, enhance and restore your natural beauty, assuring harmony and wellness for a perfect balance and true preservation of youth physically and Spiritually.

"The Fountain of Youth" ~ LIV TYLER

Chez Gabriela has developed a proprietary method for facial and body treatments based on the holistic philosophy: a mixture of modern and ancient methods has transformed her art into an entire new category of luxury for the skin.


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